SAMYE in Tibet

Tibet's first Buddhist monastery was built at Samye in the Eighth Century (and rebuilt many times in later years). Although a number of Buddhist temples predated the monastery, Buddhism was still resisted by the aristocratic Bönpo families. In response, king Trisong Detsen invited Padmasambhava - the great tantric master (known as Guru Rinpoche) to Tibet to subdue hostile elemental forces. At Samye, he crushed the local demons and consecrated the site for Tibet's first monastery.

When king Trisong Detsen was constructing the Samye monastrey. His resources exhausted by his noble acts, he turned to Guru Rinpoche for help and counsel. The latter persuaded the naga king ( serpent spirit ) to make a pact with Trisong Detsen and bestow wealth upon him, which he did, sending many serpents bearing gold a jewels. Thus the tresury was restored, Samye was built and the naga accompished an act of great merit.

Samye - klášter
* monastery complex SAMYE

* the temple of monastery

* on the left, one of the walkways at the monastery and, of course, the prayer wheels
* on the right, one of several reconstructed chortens on the grounds

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